Canine Nutrition


ThriveFeed for equine and now we are offering ThriveFeed for canine.

Grown and manufactured in the USA. This formula is free from Corn, Wheat, Soy, and Gluten, and is made with GMO free grains. Dogs will love the natural flavor of this nutritious food! Boosted with added vitamins and chelated minerals, Dogs Thrive is formulated with scientifically advanced Alltech ingredients that work together to support excellent digestive and immune system health. These scientifically advanced ingredients developed by Alltech, are yeast based all natural products developed or improved using the advanced science of Nutrigenomics, which measures response of nutrients on a cellular level. The end result is your very healthy dog.

Labeled as hydrolyzed yeast, Actigen is made from the rich outer layer of the yeast cell, and plays an important role in the support of a healthy digestive system. Acting as a pre-biotic, pathogenic bacteria are naturally attracted and attach to the unique shape of these yeast fractions floating in the digestive system and are harmlessly flushed thru the digestive system. Actigen also supports an environment for efficient use of antibiotics during times that these drugs are needed to treat specific infections.

Sel – Plex
Labeled as Selenium Yeast, Sel-Plex is a true breakthrough in canine nutrition. Selenium Yeast is the sole source of added selenium in Dogs Thrive. It a much more safe and effective choice than the inorganic form labeled Sodium Selenite. Selenium works with Vitamin E to become a powerful antioxidant that works to support cellular regeneration and immune system response. The unique feature of selenium in this organic form can be absorbed in the blood stream and be stored in cells for use during times of stress.

Nu – Pro
NuPro is a high quality protein from yeast, manufactured by a proprietary Alltech process. NuPro contains highly concentrated levels of essential and functional nutrients which are important in the diets of young animals.

Bio – Mos
Bio-Mos is derived from a specific strain of yeast and improves animal performance. Gastrointestinal (GI) health and integrity is essential for animal performance and Bio-Mos ‘feeds the GI tract’ and thus plays a critical role in animal nutrition and production.
• Bio-Mos maintains gut health
• Participates in normalizing gut microflora
• Reinforces the natural defences
• Reinforces the function of the digestive system
• Helps / contributes to managing the risk of diarrhoea
For use in: Dairy, beef, pig, poultry, equine, companion animals, rabbits, aquaculture.
Patents/approvals: Bio-Mos is scientifically proven and supported by over 500 research trials (university, peer reviewed, practical). Currently, 67 of these trials exist as peer review publications and several others are pending this status.

For more detailed information, and FAQs, visit the manufacturer’s website here.