Amazing Results

Christy S.
The horse feed industry is no different than the cat and dog feed industry. They wrap up their food in good advertising and play on our emotions. They know we only want the best for our horses. We want our horses to be their healthiest and live long, quality lives. Thrive doesn’t have fancy packaging and celebrity spokespeople and yet the results speak for themselves, and more and more want to try Thrive. It is through word of mouth that I found out about Thrive.


Gidget H.
I have seen amazing changes from feeding Thrive. My horses that normally gain weight to easy, now look lean and in shape. My older horses that use to cost tons of money to keep weight on, now only eat 2lbs of thrive a day and keep really good weight easy now. Making my feed bill a lot smaller. My mare that use to be skittish is now a great, calm, easy ride. I use to feed supplements to help my horses coat shine and feet grow. On thrive their coats are more defined and sharper, and super shiny. Even their winter coats. My minis love it as a treat when we are clicker training. And my son Noah just can’t eat enough of it. It took months for my friend Trista to talk me into feeding Thrive. It sounded to good to be true, but now I love feeding it to my horses and feel like its abuse to feed anything else. Thanks.


Emilee M.
“The Truth is I first learned about Thrive through The Humane Society of North Texas who use Thrive to change the lives of abused and neglected horses. They have literally fed Thrive to horses so starved they could no longer stand (and we all know how critical a down horse is) and in a few months transformed that hollow shell into a healthy beautiful sound animal again! I began using Thrive this summer when hay became scarce and my mare could not be happier, so I will continue to drive MILES out of my way to a feed store that carries it! As for the 4000# I would donate it to my friends at HSNT since the are a nonprofit organization who has never turned down a horse, donkey, or mule in need! “